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Transform your workplace refreshments with Vending2Go’s innovative vending machines. Introducing the latest technology-infused machines to offices, warehouses, factories, leisure centres, and diverse commercial premises in the Hemel Hempstead area. We’re revolutionising on-site food and drink solutions for you.

If you believe that vending machines are limited to unhealthy snacks and mediocre tea or coffee, it’s time to reassess your perspective. Our modern vending machines are reshaping the landscape of food and beverage vending and distribution. They provide fresh and wholesome meals to suit diverse preferences, along with café standard hot drinks.

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Modern food vending machines offer more than traditional workplace dispensers. They extend beyond just providing snacks like crisps and chocolate, presenting options for healthier alternatives such as yoghurts, fresh fruit, and even hot meals.

These machines ensure a diverse selection of food choices to accommodate various diets and preferences. This variety not only caters to individual tastes but also rejuvenates energy levels, providing sustained support throughout the day. The process of ordering and payment becomes exceptionally convenient through touchscreen technology and contactless payment methods, granting users complete control from initiation to completion. Additionally, temperature-controlled chillers maintain the freshness of the food until the end of the day.

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