Contactless Payment Vending Machines

Get A Contactless Payment Vending Machine For Your Premises

At Vending2Go, we are always evolving with technology and looking at ways to provide the latest innovation to our customers ensuring our payment methods adjust with the changes in contactless payment solutions. Our machines are coin operated, but now we have the ability to add a contactless payment system giving customers the flexibility when purchasing snacks and drinks.

We have noticed a significant trend in the use of our machines with customers opting to use their bank cards or contactless payment methods as the preferred payment option. With the increased popularity of chip and pin, contactless debit and credit cards and contactless mobile options such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, this gives your staff and visitors peace of mind and a choice when it comes to paying for food and snacks.

Creating A Safe and Convenient Cashless Payments Solution

We know that not everyone carries cash so the flexibility of vending machines with cashless payments makes it easy and convenient for your staff and visitors rather than having to traipse to the high street or find an atm.

Our cashless payment solution also enables us to monitor machines with real-time data and gives us analytics about stock levels and sales. This data allows us to identify when stock is low and that the machines need re-filling. We can also monitor which products are always selling well with your staff and this enables us to fill machines to meet demand for popular snacks and drinks.

With our contactless payment pads, this creates a more hygienic way to use the vending machines for your staff as it limits the amount of times the machines are touched and lowering the spread of any illnesses.

Contact us today and find out how you can get you started with our contactless payment solutions, and if you already have a vending machine that’s no problems as we have the technology to add contactless payment pads to existing machines.

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