Free Vending Machine Loan

How To Get A Free Vending Machine For Your Business

Getting a free vending machine on loan for your business is a practical and a more financially viable way of having a vending machine in your premises. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges, Vending2Go will fully mange the machine at all times.

Your company have to agree to a minimum term contract and should have a footfall of over 35 visitors or staff, but there are occasions where we can provide flexibility as we know numbers can fluctuate if you are open to the public such as gyms, offices, warehouses, swimming pools etc. and this will cover our costs and no matter how the machines are performing there will never be any charges or fees passed on to you.

Supplying Your Free Vending Machine

We will provide your company a vending machine free on loan and we ensure they will be continuously stocked, maintained and cleaned thoroughly for customers, visitors or staff to use at their convenience. You will have a choice of hot and cold drinks machines as well vending machines with confectionary and snacks.

We will also arrange a free delivery and installation for any vending machine supplied by us and will train any staff to understand the basics of using the machines and how to contact us if you require further assistance.

Providing Ongoing Vending Machine Support

As well as Vending2Go auditing and maintaining the machines regularly for cleanliness and safety, we provide email and phone support should any machines encounter problems. Should you require any guidance or help with any of our machines we will gladly provide help where needed. If the problems persists while giving you telephone or email support, we will visit your site and rectify any issues so that the machines are fully functioning.

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With over 10 years of experience in supplying vending machines, we work with partners to create a fast, efficient and professional experience